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INTERMITTENT COLOR, L342 This set had intermittent color from date of purchase.Tapping on A board would cause color to come and go. Following colorsignal path with scope revealed the loss of color at output of L342.In checking this coil with ohmmeter, I verified that in fact, t
NO VERTICAL DEFLECTION, REPLACE C526 No vertical sweep. There was no sign of a sync pulse atPin 19, IC501. DC voltage was OK at this point. Sync pulse was presentat Pin 21, IC501. Found C526 to be leaky.
POOR VERTICAL DEFLECTION, REPLACE C524 This unit had only about 2 inches of vertical deflection. Wefound the voltage at Pin 13/IC501 to be very low (0.8V). Output from thedriver was also low. We found C524 to be leaky. This is an importantpart of the vertical sawtooth generator.
NO PICTURE, REPLACED IC006 Unit fails to tune or show any numeric display on fluorescenttube - just snow on screen. Servicer replaced microprocessor. Lines forreset constantly high, IC006 bad - actually labelled IC004 on that model.
HIGH FREQ. NOISE IN AUDIO AND VIDEO, REPLACED IC2101 This unit had a high frequency noise in both the audio andvideo. The tuner was locked up and all the neons were lit. We trackedthe problem to a defective decoder IC in the remote. This was a veryunusual problem as the noise was present everywhere and
SHUT DOWN This unit immediately went into HV shutdown. At first theproblem appeared to be a power supply/shutdown type of problem. Howeverby holding Pin 12/IC501 low with a power supply and running the AC up ona variac, it became apparent that the shutdown was b
INTERMITTENT JITTER IN PICTURE, REPLACED R235 This set had a history of intermittent pulling in the pictureand also vertical jitter. Inspection of waveform at output of videodetector was fine. The waveform at base of video amplifier (Q202) wasexactly like the waveform at its emitter, i.e. no ampli
NO TUNING FUNCTION, JUMPER JW1 NOT CONNECTED No tuning. No fluorescent display of channel, tuner appearsdead.
SNOWY PICTURE, REPLACED IC005 No output was present from Pin 20/IC005 (PWM out for VC).We further discerned that the prescaler was also malfunctioning.
PICTURE DISTORTION, SHIELD WIRE CONNECTION CHANGED Vertical instability on channel 4 only. Also loss of verticalsync, deflection and excessive noise only on channel 4. This symptom hasonly appeared in Southern Connecticut.
INTERMITTENT MECHANICAL INCORRECT OPERATION Dealer informed me the doors on KV-3000 would sometimes notclose, this was very intermittent. Changed resistor R606 from 180K to120K. Dealer will inform me if the problem happens again (resistor onMG-2 board).
NO TUNING OPERATION, SHORTED CP004 Would lock up on one channel also unable to tune stationproperly. Found one of the 220pF capacitors in CP004 shorted placing 24volts on the line of the VC as well as the channel select line. There areno P/N's in the manual for CP001/002/003/004 on the
BEAT PATTERN IN THE PICTURE, REPLACE VHF TUNER Beat pattern on all channels. Disconnected VC and applied DCvoltage. Found it only took 0.01 volts to go from a fair picture to onewith beat pattern.
NO SCREEN DISPLAY, OPEN Q4049 AND SHORTED D4046 Bar pattern would not operate on any function. Found 9VDCmissing on output of 9VDC regulator. Found transistor, Q4049 opened andD4046 shorted.
TOO MUCH RED INTENSITY, ADJ ACC RV303 Excessive color intensity - too much RED.

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