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TONEARM WOULD DROP When the tonearm was going down, before the stylus touched therecord, the muting relay clicked and the tonearm dropped.
P/N ERROR IN S/B Incorrect P/N listed page 54 of manual - P/N listed8-719-990-03 should be 8-719-910-03.
DEFECTIVE IC105 AND R170 Zero balance drifts.
DEFECTIVE SOCKET The copper sleeves in the socket of the P-mount were pushedall the way back into the tone arm. I have received several reports onthis problem.
PINS OUT OF PLACE The copper sleeves in the P-mount socket were pushed backtoo far to make contact with the pins of the cartridge.
MISSING GROUND JUMPER When frequency display button was pushed, frequency changedand the station was lost. This was the same problem as reported 2/16/82DK-2-1. It appeared to be a ground loop problem.
LEAKY C115 Segment on right channel was not showing proper number. Allsegments lite up although a 1 should be shown. Found C115 leaky.
DEFECTIVE Q4 AND Q5 Either Q4 was leaky or Q5 was open. AM on while switch inFM position.
OPEN R36 When the unit is turned on after a couple of minutes aclicking noise is heard at the speaker.
OUT OF ALIGNMENT High-frequency SQUEAL through audio system with CDP-101 inany mode (STOP/PLAY/PAUSE). Checked completely and looked at output withoscilloscope. No high frequencies were audible.
LOOSE RIGHT RAIL ON SLED Loose right rail on sled. Holder bracket missing.
DEFECTIVE CX-79034 Static noise in both channels after 8 to 10 minutes. Foundnoise being generated at output of CX-79034.
OUT OF ALIGNMENT Rumble in audio. Checked unit and found no problem. Problemcould be in software or playback system. Did complete alignment for unit,focus servo slightly out of range. Returned to customer.
SHORTED WIRE -10 volt line (from CN542 to CN536) was shorted to chassisnear bracket (bottom) to the rear of the sled assy.
LARGE DISTORTION Unit produced large distortion during tape operation withoutboard display No. 'DPL -EL.

Assistência TécnicaAs dicas apresentadas destinam-se a técnicos de eletrónica, a tentativa de reparação ou assistência sem ter conhecimentos de eletricidade e eletrónica, podem provocar danos mais graves aos equipamentos e, devido a tensões muito elevadas em alguns circuitos, graves danos fisicos que podem constituir um risco em determinadas reparações.

Não arrisque reparar equipamentos com tensões elevadas se não tiver conhecimentos técnicos para o fazer em segurança.

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