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ADJUSTMENT OF SPINDLE DRIVE OFFSET There is no adjustment in the service manual for the spindledrive amp.
UNIT INTERMITTENTLY LOCKS UP - NO FUNCTIONS After unit ran an hour or more, AM and FM started to scan andwould not stop unless cassette was loaded and unloaded. Then it wouldstop, but you could not manually or automatically change the frequencydisplayed also, the presets, display (time) and memor
NO LOADING Cass will not load. This happens on models XR-50, XR-70.and XR-77. 385 deforms with use (years) to the point where loading isincomplete. 387 joint lever assy can latch 386 threading arm assy. Removecass holder, then carefully bend upwards to restore 9
SCAN ON FM STOPS 0.1 POINT SHORT OF STATION Scan on FM stops 0.1MHz short of station. Have to turnmanual scan to get on station. Have tried adjusting CT701. -HQ COMMENTS: Adjust controller frequency for 100MHz +/- 3KHz. If youcan not adjust for 100 MHz +/-3KHz, IC701 may be broken. Also check
MISSING PART NUMBER - C179 Need part number for C179 (3300uF @10V) listed in capacitorchart. -HQ COMMENTS: The part number is 1-123-655-00.
REPLACEMENT OF Q801 The sound cuts off with a high level bass signal.
LARGE DISTORTION Unit produced large distortion during tape operation withoutboard display No. 'DPL -EL.
DEFECTIVE RY301 The left channel would intermittently cut out on AM/FMfunctions during first 5-10 minutes. This at first appeared to be causedby a defective semiconductor. Further examination revealed relay 301 tobe the cause. Heating and cooling the relay confirmed
DEFECTIVE Q105 The left channel fluctuated between distorted low output andno output. We found Q105 (muting transistor) leaky.
DEFECTIVE RELAY Left channel cuts in and out during tape.

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