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Matsui Vid Combi Model: TVR185Accepts tape then immediately ejects itThe capstan motor was faulty. Fitted new motor
Matsui TVR180No sound on TV, ok in play and on recordingsChange address data 0D from 00 TO B3. This worked for me as well - removed chip and changed location 10D as above I guess there may be a way to do it without tearing unit apart but didn't have any manuals!
ProlineTVR140"HEAT RUN" displayed EEPROM replaced
MatsuiTVR185TDead - 330v across mains capSTRF6707 IC501
MatsuiTVR185Field collapse int - could be tappableD401 int o/c
MatsuiTVR180RSt/by onlyEEPROM chip can be the cause - MODKIT37 from Grandata can be used
MatsuiTVR180Tuning not possible above chan 26Tuner faulty
MatsuiTVR180Shows "Protected" after fitting EEPROM PCBI/P any 4 digit code 3 x until screen displays ''protected''. Then hold ''volume down'' on TV & ''7'' on remote.
MatsuiTVR180No sound, AFC offEEPROM corrupted
MatsuiTVR180No I/P from SCART or access to tuning menu or i/p selectEEPROM corrupt - reprog IC
MatsuiTVR180Low height aft EEPROM replacemententered service mode Vol(-) +9 on H/Set. change vert amp setting from 30 to 45 on both. had to wait overnight for the backup battery to discharge, (to get into service mode)
MatsuiTVR180Dead, front blown off the STRF6707 replace STRF6707; R542( 0R39 1 watt ); R543 ( 680R );R503 ( 4k7) & 100uF & 22 uF in psu
MatsuiTVR180Dead with psu pulsingLOPTr 2SD2599 s/c - replaced with BU508DFI - no reason found for its demise
MatsuiTVR180Dead with front blown off STRF6707STRF6707 R542 0R39 1W, R543 680R, R503 4k7
MatsuiTVR180Dead - PSU blownSTRF6707, R542, R543, R503, 22u, 100u & opto coupler

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