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Modelo - Chassis KV1714

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FLYBACK Flyback transformer part number 1-439-237-00 is substitutedwith part number 1-439-235-00. According to servicer, the substitute doesnot fit the PC board. -HQ COMMENTS: Flyback part number 1-439-237-00 had not been supplied tomass production. Only seve
PART NUMBER C534 P/N 1-108-962-00 is not on the computer. In the KV-1715R thedescription is .18, 107, 200V MYLAR. In the KV1714 manual it is listed asa polyethlene. The part number for .18, 200V MYLAR is 1-108-436-00. Isit ok to use this capacitor. -HQ COMMENTS: It
NO HV SYNC, LACK OF BRIGHTNESS 1) No sync vertical 2) Vertical roll 3) Horizontal out offrequency 4) Picture is too dark.
PICTURE NOISE Retrace lines in the screen. Found R721 and R722 reversedin circuit.
NO PICTURE No picture, distorted sound. Found VHF to be very snowy.
SET LOCKS ON CH 2 Set locked on Ch. 2 defective CX804 (IC033) decreasing 35Vsupply.
NO VIDEO No video. Just snow only. But if you adjust the tuningselector you can get ch. 7 and ch. 5 but if you go back to ch. 5 thesignal in ch. 7 will be erased. No -24V source.
DEAD Dead set, 1.6 amp fuse blown, horizontal out transistorshorted, B+ regulator shorted.

Assistência TécnicaAs dicas apresentadas destinam-se a técnicos de eletrónica, a tentativa de reparação ou assistência sem ter conhecimentos de eletricidade e eletrónica, podem provocar danos mais graves aos equipamentos e, devido a tensões muito elevadas em alguns circuitos, graves danos fisicos que podem constituir um risco em determinadas reparações.

Não arrisque reparar equipamentos com tensões elevadas se não tiver conhecimentos técnicos para o fazer em segurança.

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