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Modelo - Chassis KV1222R

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NO FUNCTIONS FROM REMOTE OR CONTROLS, REPLACED IC-001 No functions from front panel or remote.
SET IS LOCKED ON A CHANNEL Set is locked on a channel. It will accept no functions otherthan ON/OFF. This is the fourth failure in the last ten months. IC-001is defective.
TURN OFF BY ITSELF WHEN WARM, REPLACED C005 Set would turn off by itself. Could not turn on nor enterremote functions when warm. Could flex board and unit would act up.Found problem to be C005 was missing from board.
BRIGHT PICTURE WITH RETRACE LINES Set would come on OK when very cold. Then after abouta minute, pix would get very bright and have retrace lines.
DOORS DO NOT STAY CLOSED The TABS on the front door that fit into the spring loadedlatch on the mask are not long enough nor are they notched. The doors donot stay closed but rather flop open. The tabs on units whose doors stayclosed are longer and are notched on the right han
HUM NOISE IN THE SET End user stated he could hear hum coming from the unit evenwhen the unit was turned off. Turned out that customer was hearing anarcing within the capacitor. Cap is across the AC line in (C601, 0.22uF).
THE DOOR WILL NOT STAY SHUT The door will not stay shut. -HQ COMMENTS: The countermeasure to the above problem is given in theDecember 1982 FPR summary.
DEAD All six above sets were dead out of the carton. Inspectionrevealed no B+ to receiver. I then noted the leads to R901 were bothbroken right at the terminals of the resistor. Throwing out thepossibility of sabotage, it appears that the problem was cause
INCORRECT MECHANICAL OPERATION The door assy will not stay closed due to the fact that thedoor retainer which is a plastic material, will not engage the catch onthe door securely in order to keep the door closed. This condition isprevalent on at least a dozen sets or more at the acco

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