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INTERMITTENT ON/OFF, LEAKY D026 Intermittent on/off. Last channel memory is off. When turnmaster switch on, TV comes on intermittently. IC006 Pin 11 is low (2.4V)should be 5.1V. D026 zener didoe was leaky.
VCR PB PICTURE DISTORTION Viewing TV normally, off channel no problem set looks good,however, when VCR played through set, top of picture would curve to rightlike flag waving. VHS system is what customer has and complained on.However, distributor put Betamax through unit and sam
NO ON/OFF FUNCTION, REPLACED RL001 Unit would not shut down manually or on remote. Whenattempting to turn off set with manual switch or remote, the sound wouldmute, but the raster would remain. Tapped on the case of relay RL001.Power immediately went off. Found RL001 was hanging up due
PICTURE PULLING HORIZONTALLY, REPLACED IC201 Picture pulling horizontally on some channels. Problemtraced to output of sync separator, Q301, where horizontal sync amplitudewas lower than normal. Observing composite video at Pin 14 of IC201showed horizontal sync pulse to be just slightly higher th
PICTURE DISTORTION Set had about 8 inch overscan. Found set-up cord was18 inches too long.
INSUFFICIENT VERT HEIGHT, REPLACED C5521 Insufficient vertical height on all three CRTs: about 3inches short top and bottom of the screen. Found vertical sawtooth atbase of Q5510 (on DA board) reading 2.4Vpp, should have read 3Vpp.
RETRACE LINES AND RASTER PULSADE, HAIRLINE CRACK ON C BOARD Raster was pulsating at a steady rate about 3 times persecond, retrace lines were visible, excessive brightness and video fading.Found a hairline crack on C board G2 line.
VERTICAL FOLDOVER, C508 Set has severe vertical foldover on top of screen.
NO OPERATION, REPLACED Q203, D202 AND R533 No raster, no sound and channel indicator does not light up.
NO PICTURE, REPLACED Q006-8 AND D012 No reception on all channels. Found no VC, no 12V at thetuner. All displays and addressing OK. Found Q006-8 transistors shortedand D012 defective.
DEAD, REPLACED C019 Set would not turn on. Found C019 shorted.
NO SOUND, BROKEN LEAD ON OUTPUT TRANSFORMER No sound. Inspection revealed broken wire from secondaryof sound output transformer to solder lug, right at the lug.
NO VHF, BT981 PRESCALER No VHF low and high band, very intermittent.
INCORRECT TUNING FUNCTION, REPLACED IC004 Only numbers 1 or 2 can be addressed on TV by hand unit.Operation on channel selection manually is OK. I found Pin 28 of IC004has 10VDC on it at all times. Waveforms on Pin 37 were normal but theamplitude of waveforms at Pin 14 were very low with all n
NO PICTURE Unit would blank out approx. after 1/2 hour, sound stillnormal. By turning set off for a while and turning it back on, the unitwould again work for a shorter period of time and blank out. Found thatby freezing vertical output IC unit would function nor

Assistência TécnicaAs dicas apresentadas destinam-se a técnicos de eletrónica, a tentativa de reparação ou assistência sem ter conhecimentos de eletricidade e eletrónica, podem provocar danos mais graves aos equipamentos e, devido a tensões muito elevadas em alguns circuitos, graves danos fisicos que podem constituir um risco em determinadas reparações.

Não arrisque reparar equipamentos com tensões elevadas se não tiver conhecimentos técnicos para o fazer em segurança.

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