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BRACKET NEEDS BENDING No take-up in fwd play mode. The latch on the idler bracketsometimes doesn't go over the stub on the chassis but goes to the sideof it and jams there.
TOO MUCH LOAD ON MOTOR FROM MECHANISM Servicer reports that replacement motors for TC-630 andTC-105 recorders do not have as much torque as original motor. -HQ COMMENTS: We installed the motor which you sent for evaluation intoTC-630D. The tape speed of the tape deck was originally +0.6T i
HUM IN HEADPHONE When tape monitor or any input switch is engaged, a hum isnoticed in the headphone output. Problem occurs due to current flowingthrough common ground connections from pilot lamps.
COLD SOLDER CONNECTION Protection circuit relay, RY701 would actuate intermittentlywhen volume was turned up from about 3 click-stop positions to the 9o'clock position.
DEFECTIVE IC'S 4140, UPB4011 No playback and no record.
DRIVE BELT GETS STUCK Several units came in with no movement at all. In all casesthe drive belt was stuck between the motor pulley and motor.
DIFFERENT TRANSISTOR USED Transistor 2SD666A is used in the unit. However, the partsdescription has it listed as 2SC1811. A further check with the transistorsubstitution book did not verify that one is a substitute of the other.
FRAGILE CONNECTOR The connector used to wire the main board to the functionboard is too short and fragile. During repairing, any pressure appliedcan cause it to short or keep the radio on. It is also difficult tostrip and solder.
DISASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS ARE MISSING No disassembly instructions are given for removal of thebutton assembly.
DEFECTIVE RECORD SWITCH Intermittent high frequency oscillation. Once started, theonly way to stop it was to engage record mode and return to play. Problemoccurred only in play mode.
ERROR IN S/M P/N 8-834-021-XX for motor (D-02162) is listed in the S/M.However, a servicer found DNF-1001B motor, P/N 8-835-006-00, in the unit.Which if either of these motors is correct for this model?
DETECTION LEVER JAMMED Scraping noise. Cause is detection lever had been jammedunder protrusion on bottom of cam gear in shipping and was permanentlywarped. This was touching the top of the magnet ass'y on the motor shaft.
INCORRECT SPACING OF CAM AND GEAR The gear (reject cam) will not engage. Cause is the spacingbetween the cam and the gear on the motor shaft was excessive preventingthe clutch assy to be pushed far enough to engage the teeth. The spacebetween these gears was visibly greater than on oth
L8 DISCONNECTED No buzzer alarm.

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