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BLACK LINES ON THE SCREEN, REPLACE IC501 Solid black line across the screen about 1/2 inch thick,2 inches from the top. Very intermittent.
NO COLOR, REPLACE IC501 No color. Very low burst.
NO UHF, REPLACED PRESCALER BT-981 No UHF, VHF OK. All voltages and pulses present exceptTP-59.
INTERMITTENT SOUND, REPLACED C226 Highly intermittent audio. Slight popping noise beforegoing out.
TUNING UP/DOWN WOULD NOT LOCK In the program mode tuning up/down set will not lock onchannel.
NO SOUND No sound. Voltage at Pin 21 of IC201 was low, should havebeen 5.8 VDC, was only 4.0 VDC.
INTERMITTENT COLOR FADE, REPLACED C308 Intermittent color fading. This problem was highly inter-mittent, sometimes taking weeks to manifest itself. The color would fadeout completely. Chroma input to IC301 Pin 13 would not change at allduring fade outs. DC level was varying slightly, betw
NO VHF CHANNEL Low VHF channels cannot be received. Found D501, D502shorted.
NO REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTION, REPLACED C007 There were no remote control functions. The volume up/downfunctions would shut set on and off. Manual input of IC (remote control)Pin 1 always had a noise pulse and frequency at this point was incorrect.This noise pulse inhibited any input data from re
NO PICTURE, CONNECTOR DA-5 INTERMITTENT Connector DA-5 gets loose and causes picture tubes to blankout, can also cause a line on green tube which burns to mark in tube.
POOR FOCUS, REPLACED HV BLOCK Unable to get a good focus. Problem traced to high voltageblock.
DEAD, REPLACED CX171, Q5521, Q5522 Set would not turn on. Servicer found CX171 defective whichis believed to have caused Q5521 and Q5522 to short, fuse found defective.
SET LOCKS ON CH 88, REPLACED CH INDICATOR ND3101 Set was locked onto channel 88, unable to clear or change.Found pulse out of IC001 on MF board loaded down. Traced problem tochannel indicator display ND3101 on TA board. Pin 3 on display isshorting to something inside display loading down Pin 40 on IC
NO PICTURE, LEAKY D511 ZENER Unit completely out of horizontal frequency. At Pin 8 ofIC501 the DC voltage reads 4V instead of 10V. Trouble traced back toleaky D511 (RD15E).
PICTURE DISTORTION, REPLACED IC501, CX-557 About the top 10 scan lines were stretch, very hard to detectbut customer complained. Vertical output waveform could see ringing,apparently leakage in the IC from horizontal.

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