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SonyKX2501HIGH PITCH SQUEAL, REPLACED T654 When the unit would warm up there was a high pitch squeal.
SonyKX2501INTERMITTENT HORIZONTAL SYNC, REPLACED IC501 After set got warm about 5 minutes, pix would lose horizontalsync. Cooling the IC501 would correct problem.
SonyKX2501POOR PICTURE, REPLACED IC103 Customer complained of dim picture and excessive audio level.
SonyKV9200PARTS INFORMATION MISSING I need assistance with the above unit. It seems that thecircuit was modified or changed during production and this was not shownon the S/M or the two existing supplements. This particular set has adiode D402 and Q410, Q411 added to the base of Q402.
SonyKV2650RSET WOULD NOT GET SOME CHANNELS, REPLACE IC001 Set would not get channels 2,3,7,8 on cable. Changed IC001.Set would then pick up missing channels, but was missing others. IC waschanged again and would pick up all but channel 13. Set was delivered tohome and would receive all channels but 3. Set r
SonyKV2648RSHUT DOWN, RELAY CONTACTS Set comes on and immediately shuts down with loss of B+.Found relay contacts spaced too far apart. Therefore there was no wipingaction to the contacts at all. I have also found this problem onnumerous other sets.
SonyKV2648RDEAD, REPLACE Q602 AND R616 Set came in dead. Found convertor Q602 shorted and resistorR616 open.
SonyKV2647RPICTURE DRAW UP AND V JITTER, C508 REVERSED Picture would draw up from the bottom and vertical jitter.
SonyKV2647RSET ON/OFF REPEATEDLY, OPEN R-143 When AC cord is plugged in, the unit turns itself on and offrepeatedly. If the plug to socket labelled MF-5 was disconnected, theset stayed on and would not turn off at all. With this connector removed,there was no DC voltage at Pin 21 of IC101 and yet
SonyKV2145RSHUT DOWN, LEAKY Q881 Set would shut off once or twice a week. Problem wasisolated to Hi-voltage shut down CRT. Found Q881 leaky. With a newtransistor shut down voltage increased by 112V, changed dividerresistor for correct voltage.
SonyKV1948RCOLOR DISTORTION, COLOR KILLER ADJ While watching old B/W movies, the customer is unhappy withcolor confetti which flashes through picture. -HQ COMMENTS: We were able to eliminate color confetti problem in ourlab set (KV1547R) by adjusting color killer level using the followingvoltage di
SonyKV1946RINCORRECT TUNING OPERATION, OPEN L508 Tuning OK, but would not hold channels in memory.
SonyKV1923SOUND DISTORTION, REPLACED IC CX760 Sound becomes garbled as volume is increased.
SonyKV1914COLOR DISTORTION New picture tube would go soft on one of the colors - firstwas the red, second time the blue. Found filament voltage from theflyback incorrect. Peak to peak was 30V S/B 22, also ringing.
SonyKV1913INCORRECT COLOR Incorrect color phasing. FSC had replaced CRT (becausepicture was dark) with new CRT installed the screen controls did notaffect the proper color stripe on the trinitron-red controlled green-green controlled blue and blue controlled red. With NYSC colo

Assistência TécnicaAs dicas apresentadas destinam-se a técnicos de eletrónica, a tentativa de reparação ou assistência sem ter conhecimentos de eletricidade e eletrónica, podem provocar danos mais graves aos equipamentos e, devido a tensões muito elevadas em alguns circuitos, graves danos fisicos que podem constituir um risco em determinadas reparações.

Não arrisque reparar equipamentos com tensões elevadas se não tiver conhecimentos técnicos para o fazer em segurança.

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