TV Emitter

This TV transmitter circuit was designed to emit modulated RF signals with audio and video that may be received directly from the television. Is an analog emitter circuit.

tv emitter
PCB tv emitter
PCB tv emitter
  • D1- 1N914 Sil. diode
  • Q1- Q2-Q3-2N3904 transistors NPN
  • R1- R2, R11- 1KΩ
  • R3,R7- 1KΩ-Pot., horizontal.
  • R4,R9,R10- 10KΩ
  • R5- 47KΩ
  • R6- 75kΩ
  • R8- 4.7KΩ
  • R12- 75Ω (2x 150 em parallel) (opcional)
  • C1,C8-100μF, 16-V, elect.
  • C2- 2.2--μF, 50-V, elect.
  • C3,C6,C11,C14,c15-1nF, ceramics
  • C7,C9-2.2-pF, ceramics
  • C10-100-pF, ceramics
  • C12, C13-68-pF, ceramics
  • ANT1-Antenna
  • B1 battery 9v
  • J1,J3-Jack RCA, surface mount.
  • L1- inductor 0.15-mini 0.15mH
  • L2, L3-inductor mini de 2.2mH
  • L4- 0.14- 0.24-μH adjustable, ferrite.
  • S1-SPST, Push-Button, NO.
  • T1- 4.5-MHz R Transformer