100W Amplifier

Amplifier 100W

The amplifier itself is the LM12CLK integrated circuit, which is a power operational amplifier. It allows output with an impedance of 2 Ω , 150W of power. For security and stability we chose to make the circuit to work with impedances of 4 Ω where we obtain an RMS power of 100W.

The L coil on the output is formed by 14 turns of #18 wire with a 1 inch air core.

The 1.1 kΩ resistor must be precision type. The output resistance (in parallel with the coil) must be 2W of power.

Electrolytic capacitors must be 50V or 63V.

Power :

  • V max: simetric +/- 24V DC
  • I  max: 5A


R1 1 kΩ C1 2.7 nF D1 6A2
R2 1.1 kΩ C2 4700 µF D2 6A2
R3 3.3 kΩ C3 4700 µF IC1 LM12CLK
R4 2.2 Ω   SPK 4 Ω
LM12 Aplication Note